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Kingsley Animal Hospital is a full service companion (cats and dogs) animal hospital. We place the care, diagnosis and treatment of your pet as our primary concern. We offer a comprehensive, progressive and compassionate approach to medicine and surgery. We offer a wide range of medical, surgical and counseling options – both traditional and holistic.

It is our medical staff’s commitment to provide quality care throughout the life of your pet. We provide services such as wellness exams, hospitalization, nursing care, vaccinations, pharmaceuticals, supplements, general surgery, digital x-rays, complete laboratory services, dental care, behavioral counseling and nutrition counseling.

We understand the special role your pet plays in your family. Together, we take a proactive approach that can maximize your companion’s quality of life. We treat your pet as our own. We believe that preventative care and good nutrition are the keys to optimal health – for a happy and long life!

Client satisfaction is very important to us. We are a friendly, experienced team and know that it is through respect, integrity and exceptional care, that we earn our patient’s and client’s trust.

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Fireworks and your Pet Don’t Mix!

Summer thunderstorms and July 4th celebrations can cause pets to become fearful, anxious, stressed and even aggressive.  Be prepared with natural calming aids and these 5 helpful tips.
Starting this week begins the celebration of our country’s Independence. Barbecues, block parties, concerts, fireworks…we’ll be having a great, big, noisy time – but our pets have no idea what the fuss is all about! To help your pets stay calm and safe this Fourth of July, check out the following tips:

1.) Identification, identification, Oh, did we mention identification? The single most important safety precaution you can take for your pet is to have up-to-date identification on your pet at all times.
→ Did You Know? Dogs are more likely to be reunited with their owners if they have proper tags and are Microchipped. We offer Microchips with or with out an apt. Call us to find out more information.

2.) Keep your pets inside, Leave pets at home during firework displays; even if you have a fenced-in yard. This will decrease the chances of your pet escaping. Even if your pet has never bolted before, don’t take the chance; loud noises such as fireworks can make your pet behave in a completely different way.

3.) Never punish your pet for being afraid. This can make pets confused and more fearful.

4.) Drown out fireworks with white noise. If they can’t hear the fireworks (or hear them as clearly, anyway), your pets will be less frightened and less likely to act out in fear. Turn on the radio or TV to a noisy channel that will mask the scary cracks and booms of fireworks.

5.) Talk to us about your specific pet’s needs. If your pet has developed serious anxiety issues over fireworks or thunderstorms, we have solutions including supplements, medication and/or behavioral therapy

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