Raw Diet

Raw Diet vs. Premium Foods vs. Cheap Store Bought Pet Food

What may be surprising to some people is that most dog and cat foods are far from an optimal diet, because they contain poor quality meat protein and too much corn, wheat and soy. While these foods are AAFCO approved, this does not guarantee an optimal diet with high quality ingredients!! And they may even contain numerous chemical preservatives, feces, antibiotics and left-over animal by-products (you do not want to know what this contains!!!). A 1998 FDA study showed that some of the foods tested had measurable amounts of sodium pentothal (a drug commonly found in euthanasia solutions), obviously euthanized carcasses where being used in pet foods!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best food is preferably composed of fresh meat and vegetables. Raw foods contain valuable enzymes that help support a healthy immune system. These enzymes are destroyed in dry and canned foods as cooking breaks down these enzymes; therefore supplementing with raw meat is the best possible thing you can do. Dogs and cats are more than capable of consuming raw meat without problems (it does require a transition period), however many people have an aversion to raw because of the myths and lack of proper pet food knowledge.

Feeding a premium food is another option. Choosing a premium food can be a daunting task, therefore being able to read the label to ensure that the ingredients are wholesome is critical. The first two or three ingredients should be a quality meat source (i.e. turkey, beef, chicken or fish). Some ingredients to avoid are meat by-products, corn, wheat and soy. As a rule, anything you buy at the grocery store is probably not a good choice. Price does matter. If a food is cheap, the ingredients are cheap and probably contain some of the undesirable ingredients listed above.

Feeding the optimal diet to your pet is the best way to ensure that they live a long, healthy life. Although the frozen raw diets or premium foods are more expensive than those found in the grocery store, the health benefits outweigh the expense.

You can either pay for the good food now or pay the vet later to treat your pet’s health issues.